Bag-backpack for MacBook Pro 13.3 inches Megapolis Classic Black


  • vendor code: 910
  • Model: Megapolis
  • Dimensions, mm: 60 x 310 x 420
  • Color: 

Bag-backpack for MacBook Pro 13.3″ Megapolis Classic Black

To each bag of the Megapolis series — a money clip (in the color of a bag) — as a gift!

What determines the product in the premium segment, in addition to the quality of tailoring and leather?


In this bag we used the accessories of the world famous Japanese brand YKK, which means that all the zipper, sliders, fasteners, buttons will last indefinitely, and it will be convenient to use them. The internal parts of the valves of the pockets, belt and handles are duplicated by high-quality natural suede.

Pocket valves and handles are fixed by internal magnets.

The inner space of the bag is made of natural linen.

Never before, when buying a bag, you did not get so many variants of wearing:

  • in the hands (by the handle)
  • over the shoulder (on a height-adjustable belt)
  • like a backpack (the strap of the bag is pierced through the handles)
  • clutch (bag is bent in the floor and fixed)

Customization on request — selection of leather color. Also you can create bag with embossed inscription.

Bag Megapolis Modern Black is made of genuine black leather — an excellent solution for everyday use. The model has a large number of external pockets for headphones, phone, iPod and other little things.

Megapolis has the ability to transform and turn into a comfortable backpack or bag over the shoulder. To ensure reliability and durability along the edge everywhere is stitched with dense black threads. Due to its unique ability to transform, it is ideal for active and demanding people.

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