About us

We make better the best.

The basic concept of our company is perfectly represented in its name — Dublon Leatherworks. The doublon is a famous coin, the symbol of treasure and wealth. At the same time the word 'doubloon' associates with the russian word 'dublenie', an ancient craft of leather refinement. The key principle of our company is its efficiency.
Since high quality of our items, made of genuine high-quality leather by our craftsmen, guarantees unique quality of each item.
Invaluable experience, added to passion and high expertise, is a driving force of our team that results in creation of handy, high-quality and trendy items.
Our technological base is constantly renovated, and our production range expands in line with the latest trends.

We are proud to be a Ukrainian manufacturer since all of our production facilities are located in Kiev. And this is where the whole production cycle is implemented from model design to packaging and sales.

At each stage special attention is paid to highest quality control. Our manufacture quality test is performed manually by our qualified workers. This way we can guarantee durability and high quality of our item.
Up to date technology, efficient management system and general implementation of loyal-to-regular- customer policy is the best proof of innovative growth area of our company.