Slim Sleeve for 15" MacBook Pro Startrooper Black


  • vendor code: 2070
  • Model: Startrooper 15" Pro
  • Dimensions, mm: 20 x 260 x 365
  • Color: 

Slim Sleeve Transformer for 15″ MacBook Pro Startrooper Black

Slim Sleeve Startrooper Black 15 is designed for a 15 inch MacBook Pro laptop. Ideally pure and reliable in maintenance.

The main purpose of this Transformer cover (after aesthetic and tactile enjoyment of use) is to protect your MacBook Pro when it falls.

Reliable fixing of your MacBook Pro inside the Startrooper Black 15″" will provide both laptop security and access to all its features.

Also, the choice of leather and string color is possible. You can also order your customized inscription (monogram) by embossing the leather.

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